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Mouth Full of Stones by Debbie Strange
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"In Mouth Full of Stones, Debbie Strange, a multi-award winning short-form poet, explores the hard truths about life in our current world. She tackles a wide range of topics from poverty to addiction, aging to grief, gender issues to abuse, and climate change to natural catastrophes. Debbie masterfully probes these subjects, spinning gut-wrenching poems with multiple layers of meaning. From one page to the next, readers will find themselves confronting their own vulnerabilities, scars, and dark secrets."


~Christine L. Villa, author of The Bluebird’s Cry, and editor of Velvet Dusk Publishing, Frameless Sky and Ribbons

Red Flags by Lori A Minor

"Line by line, “Red Flags” boldly exposes the darkness lurking behind a mask of domestic tranquillity. Be forewarned: this short collection packs one hell of a punch."

-Elizabeth Alford, shortlisted for the 2018 Touchstone Award for Individual Poem

The Call of Wildflowers by Julie Bloss Kelsey

"Julie Bloss Kelsey offers up the gentle joys and fragile moments of parenthood with insight, humor, and bravery. From daily aggravations to the push-and-pull of watching her children grow, she lays bare her heart, writing as someone who has been in the trenches, and has come up not hardened, but open and receptive to life’s sweeter things."

-Tia Haynes, author of Leftover Ribbon (shortlist, 2019 Touchstone Distinguished Book Award)

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